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Revolutionary Molding Solutions To Build Your Business

Mirteq supplies a range of resins for the thermoplastic and thermoset molding industries. They produce high quality, closed molded products with compelling value propositions.

MIR resins are molded at room temperature and are ideally suited to the custom fabrication market. They do not require expensive molds or sophisticated injection equipment.

They also allow fabricators to improve their productivity using new automated fabrication processes that deliver precise and consistently engineered solutions.

"MIR's ability to make complex and intricate shapes at room temperature, with minimal capital outlays, for shorter run production volumes will revolutionize thermoset and thermoplastic production capabilities"
—Dan A., Indiana

Whereas every molding situation is different, MIR solutions are a more flexible alternative
because they:

  • are tougher than most thermoplastics, urethanes and epoxies, and less labor intensive
    than light RTM
  • headlight bezelreduce labor content
  • are faster to market than other capital intensive alternatives
  • are machinable
  • minimize material waste
  • have a low factory overhead
  • are not limited by size
  • have compelling value propositions; and
  • a better EH&S footprint

Speciality products include:
General Molding • Roto-casting • Low Exotherm • Tooling • High HDT • Pastes
formulated using Mirteq's chemically resistant (ACMA ACE Innovation Award winning)
micro-fiber and / or latest generation resin-alloy technology.