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Mirteq is at the forefront of new resin technologies.

Our vision is to take resins into new markets where we are able to solve problems for our clients and deliver improved outcomes and better value propositions.

Unlike other manufacturers’ products, our specialty resins have been developed specifically in response to our clients who have asked us to help them get into the market faster and more economically.

At Mirteq we have never been afraid to challenge the status quo. The way we challenge the status quo is we design innovative resins that are:
- efficient and user friendly
- improve manufacturing outcomes; and
- improve our clients’ value propositions.

We also happen to make great resins.

Our resins require no heat to polymerize, are applied with little or no pressure and they set at room temperature.

We have 2 core product groups:

Molding Resins (micro-fiber and resin plastic alloy technologies) - for manufacturing managers who need to increase their capacity, get to market faster and reduce their mold costs. Unlike other molding materials and processes, MIR resins:

  • require no heat to polymerize
  • are injected at low pressures
  • are ideal for lower volume production runs and are not limited by size
  • reduce capital and overhead costs
  • deliver significant labor savings; and
  • provide closed molded, two sided, Class A finishes.

"By switching to MIR resins I just saved $70,000 on my mold costs"
—Mark B, Oklahoma


Resin Coating Technologies - new enabling resin technologies for civil infrastructure (pipes, bridges, culverts) and mining managers who need economical solutions for rehabilitation projects and new installations. Unlike other coating solutions, Mirteq’s specialty resins:

  • add structural integrity to concrete and steel
  • have tremendous impact and wear resistance
  • are an effective moisture / chemical barrier that protects the underlying structure
  • can be either sprayed, or hand laminated with traditional glass reinforcement
  • reduce capital replacement costs
  • lower weight designs in pipe and culverts; and
  • deliver significant labor and capital savings.

Speciality products include:
Steel and concrete coatings for civil infrastructure and mining
Impact and abrasion resistant coatings • Corrosion resistant coatings