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Getting Started — Infrastructure and Mining Coatings

Coating systems are only effective if the underlying surfaces are properly prepared. Care should be taken to ensure that all surfaces to be coated are free of contaminants, such as grease, oils, dust and moisture, because no matter how good any primer is it will not bond well with the substrate if the surface is contaminated.

Unlike most other primers Mirteq’s products have excellent elasticity and impact resistance, to guarantee their long term performance. We have also tested the quality of the bond we achieve between the primer and substrate and the primer and our material. If your successive coatings are applied on a timely basis and the surfaces are kept clean we guarantee that our products perform as intended, every time.

“There are several important attributes to look at when evaluating steel primers:
a) the quality and strength of the primer’s bond with the steel surface, which is critical as it prevents air and moisture from reaching the surface;
b) the required surface preparation, because contaminants and residue on the surface ultimately affect the quality of the bond between the steel and the primer; and
c) the primer backbone. It is essential that the primer has a flexible backbone so that the bond is not affected by impacts or temperature fluctuations, which is why I prefer a flexible urethane backbone as it has excellent chemical, impact and heat resistant properties.”
—Peter Hodgson, Inventor

MIR-950 bend test

Mirteq’s custom made primer. A coated steel plate was bent 90° to fracture a MIR-950 structural coating. The coating was then ground away to expose and show off the tenacious chemical bond the MIR-900 steel primer formed with the steel.