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Infrastructure and Mining Coatings Overview


Mirteq’s highly efficient structural resin technologies used to reline a steel drainage pipe

Mirteq’s range of specialized steel and concrete coating materials are ideal for both new installations and rehabilitation projects. This makes them well suited to civil infrastructure and mining projects where corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, and impact strength are paramount.

Unlike most other market solutions, Mirteq’s speciality coatings products have been developed for clients who want more economical and also structural solutions.

Our clients like the ‘ease of use’ and sprayablity of our products but were looking for materials that were more efficient to use and at the same time offered superior performance in the field, particularly in regards to chemical resistance and abrasion.

MIR coatings can be sprayed or hand-laid to:

  • add structural integrity to concrete and steel;
  • provide an impervious barrier to protect steel from air and moisture;
  • reduce capital replacement costs; and
  • deliver significant labor and capital savings.

Steel coatings:
MIR resin coating products bond chemically and tenaciously to clean, freshly grit blasted steel, thereby forming a MIR /steel composite. Mirteq’s proprietary primer technology creates a chemical bond between the resin and subsurface. This superior bond allows the coating to remain bonded

MIR coatings effectively create a new composite with the steel - which means that the physical properties are no longer the properties of MIR plus the properties of the steel, the physical properties now are the physical properties of the MIR/steel composite.
These coatings can be either sprayed or rolled out with traditional glass laminates which provide additional strength.

“MIR-900/940/950 anti-corrosion resin systems for protecting steel structures are unique for a variety of reasons. They are tough, structural resins that have exceptional hydrolytic stability, excellent chemical resistance and use a combination of micro-fiber and nanotechnologies to optimize their overall performance.” —Keith Mackenzie, CEO

Features: Benefits: 
MIR-950 sprayable resin system Speed with which the material can be applied
Chemical and water resistance Prevents future corrosion
Fast setting thermosetting material Structurally sound within 72 hours
Resin matrix is visco elastic Surface will not crack with the expansion and contraction of steel
No leaching or absorption in the resin matrix Cleaner water
Topcoats can be UV stabilized if required Extends the life of the resin in direct sunlight
Pigmented topcoats Overcomes the need to paint
Paintable May be used outside


Concrete coatings:
The MIR concrete coating system is specifically designed for concrete relining and rehabilitation where chemical resistance, hydrolytic stability and / or long term structural performance is required. The 2-pack system is simple and cost-effective because it can be applied rapidly with successive layers to restore concrete assets. Assets are serviceable within 24 hours.

The material can either be brushed or sprayed with industrial spray equipment up to 3mm (1/8 inch) in a single layer. Successive layers can be applied after each layer has gelled (within 15-20 minutes). The material is sprayable and can be used with or without glass laminates.

Features: Benefits: 
Include micro-fiber, glass flake and nanoparticle reinforcements that chemically bond with the resin Excellent hydrolytic stability and chemical resistance
Dry surfaces do not require a primer Simple, easy to use system
Successive layers can be brushed, rolled or sprayed Versatile material can be efficiently applied
Suitable for fine and course substrates Improved bonding
High impact, excellent abrasion resistance, high compressive strength Long term resilience
Tenacious bond with concrete The material is stronger than the substrate
Structural resin system Can replace or rehabilitate damaged substrates
Fast setting thermosetting material Structurally sound within 24 hours
Resin matrix is visco elastic Surfaces are crack resistant
No leaching from or absorption into the resin matrix Absolute containment prevents concrete degradation
Can be UV stabilized or pigmented if required Suitable outdoors
Paintable / can also be pigmented Aesthetically pleasing
Chemical resistance to acids, caustic materials / alkalis and fats Ideal for manufacturing, production, and waste water environments
Bonds to damp concrete surfaces (for damp surfaces contact Mirteq directly for  appropriate resin systems) Reduced surface preparation resulting in lower costs, less down time, and higher productivity