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Micro-Fiber Resins Overview — MIR-100 to MIR-850

microfiber part
This clip-lock component was made from microfiber resin.

4x18 tube
4" x 18" diameter equipment tube was consistently flat and dimensionally consistent every time.

Mirteq’s ACMA award winning micro-fiber technology has transformed the thermoset marketplace because it enables custom fabricators with low / medium volumes to design and engineer complex shapes with an inexpensive and fast to market material that has exceptional physical properties.

This material is ideal for the custom fabrication market because it involves minimal labor, does not require expensive molds or sophisticated injection equipment, is not limited by size and has exceptional physical properties.

The materials are molded at room temperature, in MIR-300, fiberglass, epoxy, silicone, metal or even wooden molds, which means solutions are ‘fast to market’ and ideally suited to medium and short run production volumes. They can be poured cast or injected and strength can be designed in with ribs, or thicker sections. Fiberglass cloth can also be selectively incorporated for localized or overall reinforcement.

“Micro-fiber resins are like an epoxy on steroids”

Versus Light RTM:

  • Labor savings, no rework, no trimming
  • Material savings, minimal waste
  • Improved production efficiencies and faster cycle times
  • Consistent quality
  • Engineered strength by design
  • A greener alternative

All MIR materials can be ordered with UV protection and/or pigment. The materials can also be painted or chromed.

chromed MIR
Chromed MIR

What kind of film dipped finish would you like?
budda heads
Rotocast prototypes
yellow MIR
The microfiber part is stronger than the alternative


"Anything that can be rotationally molded with thermoplastics can be rotationally molded with our microfiber molding resins" —Richard B., Australia