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Resin-Alloy Overview — MIR-1000

tanom car

Tanom Motors MIR-1000 Body Work

tanom car
MIR-1000 molded in a vacuum chamber
to eliminate air trapped in the threads

Mirteq’s resin-alloy technology is a tough and elastic material designed specifically for closed molding applications.

It can be used in place of thermoplastics, urethanes, LRTM and other fabrication materials because of its exceptional value proposition, low capital entry point and speed to market.

This material is ideal for the custom fabrication market because it is relatively inexpensive, involves minimal labor, does not require expensive molds or sophisticated injection equipment, is not limited by size and has exceptional physical properties.

With a specific gravity of 1.05 it is also lightweight.

These materials are molded at room temperature, in fiberglass, epoxy, silicone, metal or even wooden molds, which means solutions are ‘fast to market’ and ideally suited to medium and short run production volumes.

“It feels like a thermoplastic” —Rick W. Indiana

Any shape you can mold with thermoplastic you can now mold with MIR-1000.

The material also competes with LRTM because parts are molded net, have faster cycle times, involve minimal labor and trimming, result in minimal re-work and it eliminates fiberglass print-through issues.

For added strength, where catastrophic failure is not an option, MIR-1000 can be used in conjunction with traditional fiberglass fabric. The fabric only need to be tacked onto the B-side mold prior to injection and does not need to be rolled out. This added reinforcement significantly improves the strength and impact resistance of the material.

MIR-1000 can be ordered with UV protection and/or pigment. The material can also be painted or chromed.

"MIR can make precisely engineered parts that cannot be made using traditional FRP"
—Dave P., Michigan