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Strength by Design

tank base
Our local movie star, John, is proud of his work and does not mind showing off his pattern making skills.

This is a new and interesting concept for most custom fabricators. Improved and new materials are commonplace in the composites sector because they have routinely engendered changes in the engineering of functional parts. Thermoset fabricators have until now been largely insulated from these developments, even though they have seen new materials steadily whittle away their market share. With the release of the new MIR products things have now changed.

If we look back just 30 years you can see how engineering design has influenced the use, versatility and evolution of thermoplastics. Take for example simple plastic pails, they have both shape and ribs that provide incredible strength in the right areas, without adding extra weight, while at the same time reducing material costs.

With MIR materials it is now possible to achieve similar outcomes and improve the functionality of thermoset components.

If need be, parts can also be made with localized glass fabric reinforcements to significantly improve the strength and characteristics of the MIR engineered plastics.

All of the ‘strength by design’ lessons learned over the last 30 years in the thermoplastic sector are now relevant to MIR thermoset technologies.

chromed MIR
Honeycomb core with MIR panels on either side
film dipping
Core material
budda heads
These honeycomb panels are lightweight, corrosion resistant, do not delaminate, and are really tough.