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MIR-1000: A Viable Alternative.

For over two decades a manufacturer of parts for the refining industry was using a traditional method of producing products for its customers – a large, think part that required a high level of heat, corrosion, and abrasion resistance, as well as, operating in a high moisture environment. The method was a labor intensive, multi-step, multi-material based process that took most of the day to produce one part. But, since this method was used for decades and customers were buying… it continued. Sound familiar?

By chance, and through a supplier, this fabricator learned of the Mirteq MIR-1000, which could deliver a higher-quality product in a single pour. MIR-1ooo is manufactured using a proprietary thermoplastic infusion process that produces a single source, single pour, room temperature cured part without the need of reinforcement of glass, cloth, felt… just poor and go. As well, based on the Mirteq Control Cure technology, the parts were turned in a fraction of the time resulting in production increasing 500%, and parts lasting 3 times longer in their production environment.

These parts have been in service for more than a year with no failures.

The MIR-1000 helps our customers do two things – produce high-quality, detailed, thick parts without the need for expensive tooling and save money by greatly reducing labor, material, and time to market, which is a viable alternative to complex and expensive tooling and multi-stage and multi-material processes.

Please review the MIR-1000 product profile here on the Mirteq website.