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Mirteq releases its new line of MIR-HOLD® structural adhesives.

In response to our customers call for a more broad-spectrum structural adhesive our team of chemists and engineers spent more than a year developing, testing, and trialing what would become the MIR-HOLD® product line.

The formulation, which is based on our patented microfiber infusion process, was designed to address a wide range of applications, a combination of substrates, providing the best resistance to environmental pressures, all while not being so hard on the pocketbook.

Many of our clients and prospect have been using multiple adhesive for a single application – one for a quick “tack” and another for structural bonding, while other clients were paying very high prices for leading brands with limited application performance and consistency. Our approach to development was to help our clients eliminate the number of product SCUs in the plant and offer a structural adhesive that could address at least 80% of application needs with variable gel times.

While one product cannot cure all ills, MIR-HOLD® does address more than we imagined. Lab testing is one thing but putting the product in the hands of clients and prospects for trial in a production environment is another. From aluminum to steel, granite, stone and concrete, to wood, FRP and tile, MIR-HOLD® has been proven to provide a broad-spectrum structural bonding solution in the harshest environments and for small to large applications.

MIR-HOLD® is ideal for architectural, agricultural, automotive, chemical and corrosion, construction, landscaping, marine, RV and recreational, and wind energy applications.

MIR-HOLD® is vinyl ester-based microfiber infused structural adhesive with a range of gel and cure times, bulk and 10:1 cartridge packaging, as well as, custom viscosities and color matching.

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MIR-HOLD®600 Series Bulk Structural Adhesive
MIR-HOLD®625 Quick Set 490ml Cartridge
MIR-HOLD®650 Structural Adhesive 490ml Cartridge