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MIR-1000 is an advanced resin-alloy technology. Described best as a thermoplastic analog, the MIR-1000 combines the ease of processing thermosets with the toughness of thermoplastics. The 1000 is a toughened material providing excellent abrasion and impact resistance, coupled with its vinyl ester base, this product is ideal for high-stress and harsh environments for your finished products.

This material can be cast, displaced or injection molded and provides a room temperature cure package. Combined with minimal injection pressures, the MIR-1000 allows for a low-cost tooling method to produce advanced, high-performance products unmatched in the market. Product variations include a low exotherm version for molding think parts and cross-sections up to 2″. As well, a clear version is available for application that require a transparent finish.

The MIR-1000 is a definite game changer in term of producing parts that require high-performance in demanding environments. Mirteq clients have used this material to produce parts that have exceeded their typical life-cycle by 3-times.

MIR-1000 is available in gallon, 5-gal., and 55-gal. drums.

Features & Benefits


  • Automotive
  • Architectural
  • General Industrial
  • Marine
  • RV & Recreational
  • Agricultural


  • High Stress Applications
  • Complex, Detailed & Thick Parts
  • Harsh Environment Applications
  • Potting & Anchoring
  • Large Applications
  • Clear Finishes

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