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MIR-170 Low Exotherm

MIR-170 is a tough, rigid and versatile material that is designed for the casting and molding of thick parts and cross-sectional applications in a single-pour. The 170 can be cast, displaced or injection molded producing durable and long lasting finished products requiring no reinforcement.

Formulated using Mirteq's proprietary microfiber infusion process and Control-Cure technology, the MIR-170 allows fabricators and manufacturers to develop complex, detailed and parts up to 2″ think without concern for internal cracking. The 170 is a two-part system utilizing Arkema's DDM-9 solution, and is available in adjustable set times and color matching. There is no microfiber print through for a superior finish, and can be drilled or sanded.

MIR-170 Low Exotherm casting and molding resin is available in gallon, 5-gal. pail, and 55-gal, drum.

Features & Benefits


  • Automotive
  • Architectural
  • General Industrial
  • Marine
  • RV & Recreational
  • Agricultural


  • Large Part Application
  • Complex, Detailed & Thick Parts
  • Harsh Environment Applications
  • Potting & Anchoring

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