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MIR-HOLD® Structural Adhesives

MIR-HOLD® 600’s are vinyl ester-based adhesives that provide superior bonding capabilities to concrete and stone, FRP, metals (aluminum, stainless steel, and steel) and wood. MIR-HOLD® is produced using a patented microfiber infusion technology that greatly enhances adhesion, strength, dimensional stability, and excellent resistance to chemical, water, and temperature, making the 600 Series the most durable and longer lasting bonding solution on the market.

MIR-HOLD® adhesives are a two-part system available in either MEKP or BPO cure versions, adjustable working and gel times from one to 60 minutes, as well as, color matching. From decks, hulls and bulkheads, to replacing traditional fasteners and welds, MIR-HOLD®  products offer consistent and long-term bonding solutions that will help reduce production cost and increase flexibility of use.

The 600 Series is a suite of bulk adhesives that can be applied via pump, trowel, or “baker's bag” for ease of use and are available in quarts, gallon, 5-gal. pail, or 55-gal. drum.

MIR-HOLD® Structural Adhesives
MIR-HOLD® 620 Quick Set (Bulk)
MIR-HOLD® 625 Quick Set (Cartridge)
MIR-HOLD® 650 Structural Cartridge


Features & Benefits


  • Agricultural
  • Architectural
  • Automotive
  • Chemical & Petroleum
  • Engineered Construction
  • Marine
  • RV and Recreational
  • Wind Energy


  • Structural Adhesion
  • Dissimilar Substrates
  • Secondary Components
  • Anchoring
  • Wide Gap Filling

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