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MIR-FORM ® 800 Series
Structural Paste and Putty

The MIR-FORM® 800 Series is a suite of structural paste and puttie that provide superior strength and durability for the long life of your finished product. MIR-FORM® is excellent for fairing, filling, repairing, and shaping applications on FRP, wood, masonry and metal.

A two-part vinyl ester, microfiber infused resin, MIR-FORM® is a non-sag material that can be troweled, pumped, or applied using a “pastry bag” in a wide variety of markets. Ideal for surface build-up and repair; construction of ribs, bosses and gussets; filling voids and forming fillets; external mounting, as well as, surface prep and repair of hulls, decks and tanks. The 800 Series is widely used in the injection molding of hoods and body parts for agricultural, marine and automotive components.

MIR-FORM® is a corrosion resistant material with high hydrolytic stability and unparalleled strength that can be machined, drilled, and sanded.

The 800 Series is available in three viscosities (customizable upon request) and is packaged in 1-gal., 5-gal. Pail, and 55-gal. Drum.

MIR-FORM® 800 Series Products
MIR-FORM® 810 Flowable Paste
MIR-FORM® 815 Thick Paste
MIR-FORM® 820 Thick Putty


Features & Benefits


  • Agricultural
  • Architectural
  • Automotive
  • Engineered Construction
  • General Construction
  • Marine
  • RV and Recreational
  • Tank Construction


  • Structural Radius Putty
  • Boss, Rib, Gusset Casting
  • Surface Build-up & Repair
  • Forming &Filling
  • Molding Features
  • External Anchoring & Mounting

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